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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan International Pre-School Brunbärsvägen

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Welcome to Futuraskolan International Preschool Brunbärsvägen, your “home away from home”! We are a preschool that permeates multiculturalism, with more than 40 nationalities represented and more or less 50 different languages. Our vision is to be the best stepping stone for future world citizens!

At our preschool we focus on the individual child. We have the different learning areas for the children to learn in and explore. We see that the pedagogical learning environment is one of the key factors that contributes to a child’s total development. We strive to involve our children in creating and developing the learning areas because we have trust in their natural gift of creativity and not to mention their brilliant ideas. Whenever we take the influence of the children in the process of building and developing the physical environment at the preschool, they feel the ownership of their work and belongingness in their learning areas. We would like every child at the preschool to identify themselves in the environment feeling seen, challenged and successful!

At our preschool the pedagogues observe, listen and incorporate the children’s interest and skills in every activity that they offer them. The children’s curiosity and questions help our pedagogues in creating fun learning experiences through play. We strongly believe that the best way to learn at the preschool is through playing. We want our children to be creative, inquisitive, and competent and a positive contributing individuals to the society, the nation and to the world.

My consolation as a Preschool principal is to see the children feel safe, secure, happy and most of all to see them develop to their maximum potential. I am very privileged to be working with a wonderful combination of pedagogues when it comes to gender, competence and skills. We have preschool teachers from Sweden and from abroad and pedagogues with varied expertise such as drama, music, arts, language, information and communication technology, etc. More so, we have almost 50 percent male and 50 percent female pedagogues. We complement each other’s background and experiences to provide the children the best possible preschool education.

Come visit us at Brunbärsvägen 7 so we can show you who we are and how we work.

Best regards,

Ferdie Sevilla
Preschool Principal